Saturday, June 07, 2008

No Plans!

This is the first weekend since April that we have not had ANY plans or obligations for our weekend! The wind was blowing like crazy yesterday afternoon so I got through all the laundry in less than 3 hours--why did I ever use a dryer?

Scott is going to a rain garden conference on Wednesday, I hope we get to make one at our house, we have the perfect spot.

We made a lemon ricotta cheesecake on Thursday--it is dreadful, but aren't our eggs pretty! We will be on our city-wide coop tour on Sunday, July 20. If you live in town, come on by!

1 comment:

Eluciq said...

oh those eggs do look delicious.

the rain water garden sounds interesting.

bummer that your cheesecake was not yum-a-licious.

hoping you are fairing okay with the crazy weather you are getting...thinking about you!