Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What do we do?

I sometimes wonder how our days fly by. Yesterday good friends came over and the kids made a rope house on the back porch, we played "bop the balloon," we looked at old pictures laughed, talked etc. Time flew.

When it is only Evie and I at home she spends HOURS in the backyard in a world of her own creation. Making cakes and pie, soup, tending her kitchen, talking with the chickens (notice I said "with" not "to," I am sure they understand each other.) Last night Scott came home from work and they practiced their foxtrot around the yard.

I worry a lot and I also just sit back in wonder. Can living a free life really be this easy and wonderful? I think it is!


piscesgrrl said...

The short answer? YES!

I know, I too sometimes think there's gotta be a catch... it's just such a lovely life! I sometimes joke that I "found religion" - because usually when someone is this adamant that they've found "it", the "it" is something that seems way too difficult to adhere to or requires a whole lot of deprivation and obedience (just my opinion). Unschooling can be challenging in the face of critics and learning to trust our children and ourselves, but otherwise? It's just so simple and beautiful and profound. Your child's backyard escapades sound delightful.

Eluciq said...

oh how i love all these pictures...that pic of scott and evie dancing is very all the pies and cakes around your backyard.

and i know that evie is talking with the chickens...she is just that kinda girl!

life looks good in madison, wi

denise said...

That is so wonderful. I love it!!!

And what a big nice (enclosed) yard - and trees! Ahhhh. A nice cozy interesting place to play and create!