Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One piece

After the storms of this weekend we are in one piece. Sadly the rest of our area is not. Yesterday morning Lake Delton ripped through a highway and drained into the Wisconsin River. An entire lake is gone. The flooding has destroyed homes and farms, this just a year after the devastating floods of July 2007. We lost our beautiful cherry tree but that seems inconsequential in the face of the rest of it all.

Yesterday afternoon Evie and explored some flood waters, the carp are spawning on what was lawn three days ago, we have been under some kind of watch or warning since Saturday night. It is to be clear today and start raining again tomorrow
afternoon--hang on!

Our cherry tree.


denise said...

It is crazy, isn't it? And after last fall...

Sad to lose a cherry tree, but good you are safe and dry otherwise!

Eluciq said...

that is just wild...i can not believe it...oh your cherry tree...but glad that is all that you lost.

i can not believe a whole lake is gone...sad...sad...sad.

your area has taken a beating this year...wowzers.