Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are back from our WHIRLWIND trip to Texas. We stopped in Kansas to visit my grandparents and celebrate my grandma's birthday. My uncle went out of his way to make the 4 hours Evie had to play an animal-filled extravaganza. She rode my grandpa's horse, cleaned a saddle, fed the horse, drove some cattle to a new pasture, saw week-old kittens, met some goats and a dog--she was in heaven. That night we went to my Aunt and Uncle's Bison Farm for a family reunion with some distant relatives who had gathered to celebrate the passing of a great aunt who was an extraordinary woman.

We stopped at a place called Rock City and explored some amazing limestone concretions that had eroded out of the ground.

The wedding wasn't our cup of tea but we smiled, met the groom and left.

Oh so much driving, grateful for my parents (not just because of the driving), happy Evie was content--so glad to be home!


Eluciq said...

I bet Scott missed you.

Sounds like a good time on the way home...all that farming with horses, kittens, bison and family.

Tracy said...

I caught a glimpse of those rocks and said to myself -- they have rocks just like we have in Kansas! But you were in Kansas! Neat!