Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yesterday was a gorgeous day! I put the screens on the windows, planted some of my great-grandma's rhubarb (procured on the KS trip), moved some hostas and fed the birds. Evie putzed in the yard, we hung quilts, played "Madame Rosmerta's Culinary School" and animal shelter/vet. In the afternoon we went to play with friends (Spontaneously! So unlike me!) Evie and her two friends made an extraordinary circus and laughed and laughed. The two mamas caught up and solved all our current problems (ha!)

Today I will be taking possession of an old wringer washing machine! It is missing parts but it sure is cute! (it was free of course, I am often teased by my friends for "never paying retail.") I found directions online about how to hook the motor to a bike to power it by pedaling. We just happen to have numerous motors laying in the basement because Scott always says "never throw out a perfectly good motor." He also says, "Pizza is like Christmas decorations. There are no bad ones, just some are better than others."

Today is laundry day so you all will undoubtedly be treated to pictures of "the pink load"--again. I can't help it, I love my laundry on the line! I am starting to think of all the house projects I want to do this summer. We have lived here 11 years now and it is time to start some serious maintenance--I think I have a lot to learn.

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denise said...

Rhubarb. I almost bought 4 plants the other day but couldn't fit any more into my car at the time! :) Sounds wonderful.

A WRINGER! That is great--Can't wait to see how you rig the motor!