Sunday, May 25, 2008


Well, ya' know how once things gets going they really go? That has been our house since Friday. I got my wringer washer, I am giddy with the fix-er-up possibilities. Evie is back to log rolling after a long hiatus. We planted 7 tomato plants at our community garden and shopped at two farmers markets. I ran a quarter marathon today in a faster time than I dreamed I could (58 minutes at 10K, 1:04:17 for the total!). This afternoon we washed horses for Evie's first horse show tomorrow. I had two hours where there was nothing I absolutely had to do and a neighbor was taken away in the night with a likely pulmonary embolism. We are waiting for news, waiting for tomorrow, making spring rolls for dinner.

Like keeps rolling along, good or bad--thank goodness.

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piscesgrrl said...

Wow - you ran a 1/4 marathon? Go YOU! Seriously, that is so impressive to me. I am not a good runner, even though I ran track in high school.

I hope your neighbor recovers quickly and easily.