Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time Warp

Sometime last week we watched Back to the Future. Since then I feel like we have been in our own time warp! The weekend vanished amidst animal rescue volunteering and a trip with my parents to see BODY WORLDS 1: The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies. We saw Body Worlds 2 a few years back in Boston, this exhibit was equally amazing and awe inspiring. I highly recommend it to anyone if it comes within 100 miles of where you live!

I ended up with a wicked stomach bug on Sunday night so Monday was recovery and here we are! More snow on the way, a mere 3-4 inches this time (so they say).

We have been making valentines, playing mountain climber (very fun on our steep steps!) and rediscovering some of our old books. Not many playdates lately, Evie seems to be in a period of contemplation and needing to recharge mostly with me. There are a few friends she wants to see so we are making an effort--we have a tea party planned for Valentine's Day!

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