Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It was sunny today! Evie read to me from our Animal Encyclopedia while I worked on a craft project, then we decided to make paws out of modeling clay to make crazy tracks in the backyard. It seems we had both a jaguar and a platypus traipse through our snow! (The pics didn't come out too well.) We ran around outside for awhile then came in to make heart shaped soap for a tea party tomorrow.

Evie loves the idea of mehndi but we have no henna currently so she used food coloring--we are both well decorated now!

We spent a blissful hour plus at pottery class using the wheel. I love the feeling of clay! Came home, went for a fast ski, ate dinner and have spent the evening getting ready for our valentine tea party tomorrow. Oh! Rube Goldberg inventions have captivated Evie right now so we spent some time on YouTube looking at movies--crazy stuff.

Double oh! We saw the International Space Station pass overhead from 6:07-6:12. We could see it clearly and Evie said it was the coolest thing she has ever seen. To check viewing where you are click here.

We definitely need to spend more time outside, it perks us up, keeps us in a good mood, and makes both of us more creative. I am working hard to just "go with the flow in our life. I am a hard-core planner so this is my zen practice. Wow is it great when I can do it!

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