Thursday, February 07, 2008

Old Fashioned Blizzard!

Yesterday morning I emailed a friend in Alaska to say that although 10" glorious inches of snow was predicted we had only received three. Well, I just had to wait! We got over 17" total and the wind was howling! Our chicken coop is now snow-sheltered three feet up the sides! After breaking our backs shoveling yesterday I got up early to dig out the car and rake the roof. The sun is shining and we just returned from several hours of snow-shoeing, sledding and general winter playing. Glorious weather!

1 comment:

Eluciq said...

the snow looks glorious...especially with that blue sky and that Evie on top!

you got your snow...and we got warmer temps...YIPPEE! I am glad we are over has been over a week of -25F...UGH!

It is a HAPPY DAY!