Monday, January 07, 2008

They come in threes

On Friday evening our windshield got a ping from a passing truck. Not a full-fledged crack but a big ol' chip--I will call our insurance company today.

Sunday I went into the guest room for some leisurely reading, I looked up and the ceiling was dripping. Ice dams had formed in this insane weather. Scott went out and broke them up, we have plaster so hopefully the damage is minimal. This happened once before when Evie was a baby, the cracking was much worse then.

Finally, Evie really realized yesterday that her neighborhood playmates are no longer such good friends to her. It has been a process that has been heartbreaking to watch since about August. She has gamely maintained that things are different but okay but yesterday there were many tears and lots of discussion. I have been very careful not to say anything to turn her against them or falsely advocate that everything is okay. They are growing up in the school system where your class creates your identity and outsiders are not welcome. There has also been a natural parting as interests and influences change. As Evie was crying I just held her and told her I wish I could fix everything but I can't and told her how much she is loved. I also told her the story of when I was 9 and my best Friend Becky Frenning found a new best friend in Sarah Ann Carlson. I am so sad for her. I think we will now just have friendly neighbors as opposed to close neighborhood friends. This growing up stuff is hard!

That was three bits of "bad" in a weekend--this week maybe we will have a giant "good." Here's hoping!


Eluciq said...

You tell that Evie that she can come live in our neighborhood and we would LOVE...LOVE...LOVE her! She is an incredible little person...hugs to her and well quite frankly to you too!

Bummer about the windshield and the leaking roof...yikes!

canoelover said...

We can fix the chip with one of those cool thingies that inject epoxy into the crack. It's cool.

And Evie is awesome, but you already know that. Sucks to be a kid sometimes...Ian had the same issues...things are better now.