Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Day of Work

Today I woke Evie early (for her) and we whisked off for our first day volunteering with Shelter From The Storm an all breed cat and dog rescue group. We worked with cats, setting up cages, keeping them happy, answering questions about adoption etc. Our six hours flew by and it was awesome! Four cats were adopted today with several more applications put in for animals for next week. The average stay in foster care through this organization is only 2 weeks. The woman who runs it is young, energetic and amazing. We will be volunteering twice a month with this group, Evie floated home (toting info on cockatoos "just in case").

It was a bake day for Scott although as of 5:00 nothing has been baked. It takes a long time to fire and soak the oven and he had errands and curious neighbors today too. Tonight's plan is to watch "The Music Man"--we'll get groceries and do laundry tomorrow!

A day well lived!

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