Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One more

It is a beautiful day today, highs in the upper 60s and sunny, sunny, sunny. We read books about dog sledding this morning. Our friend Rick will be running the Iditarod this spring. Please take a look at his blog and support him if you can. They are an amazing family and have awesome dogs!

After all that reading we decided to play sled dog--Evie was an excellent leader and Chataqua was a good wheel dog. Our cat Yali played a few roles as well. (Rohnan and Keegan it is up to you to guess what all the pictures are!)

We made decorations out of leaves and bags for our front yard for Halloween, played on the swings and trapeze down the block. Evie wrote a story and played with some math manipulatives, then played on the computer for awhile. We watched Dancing with the Stars and tried on our Halloween costumes.

The ordinary is extraordinary!

1 comment:

Eluciq said...

First picture...Evie in the doghouse.
2nd & 3rd...Evie is lead dog with Chautauqua in wheel.
4th picture...dogsled...it looks cool, how many people can it fit? Are you carrying a dogcooker in it?
(BTW..the cooker is what you cook cold food in for the dogs to eat)

I will send you a picture of 'our' Chautauqua soon.