Saturday, November 10, 2007

Feathered Friends

Okay, so we didn't even get Halloween pictures up. We still have the costumes so it could happen but don't hold your breath. In one of those classic Madison 1.5 degrees of separation things we are now the proud family of Flicka and Ricka--two chickens! We had been planning to get chickens in the spring but the opportunity arose and we jumped. Evie and I learned how to use the chop saw and drill pocket holes, we worked like mad, the week flew by and now they are here! They are 5 months old and will hopefully start laying soon once we have a light installed. The are actually quite famous chickens, check out their CV here and here.

This time of year is always one of introspection so I don't imagine I will post that often, but I certainly had to show some pictures of our girls! Our kitties have not been forgotten ( or the gerbils) as evidenced by the last picture!


Anonymous said...

Hey, those sure are great looking chickens!

We couldn't have asked for a better home for two "Hollywood" hens to retire to. Plenty of love (and bugs to eat too).

Have fun Flicka and Ricka!

denise said...

Some cute ladies you have there. How cool!