Monday, October 29, 2007

What a week!

So much happened I am not even sure I can remember what happened! There were the usual events: park day, reading, watching Dancing with the Stars, reading, playing with the gerbils and reading. Then there were the unusual events: walking 12 miles around our closest lake (we took the whole day and had a WONDERFUL time poking into shop and going to the beach), presenting pie baking to our 4H group, Evie went to a horseback riding camp with a friend, they even rode a school bus--first time for both. They had so much fun their vibrations upon returning home could power us through the winter! Finally we are one step closer to getting out beloved chickens. In one of the those friend of a friend, karmic, Madison, 1.5 degrees of separation things we may be chicken parents sooner than we planned. Now we just have to get a coop and run built--that's the tricky part!

Today we had a Day of the Dead party and decorated sugar skulls (calaveras). Much fun was had by all as our old gang reunited after a summer of chaos. We are having a Halloween get-together as well, more like pizza and a bunch of friends over for trick-or-treating. Check back on Thursday for pictures of us in our finest!

This is a time of tremendous stress in our house as Scott continues to look for a job and we try to "fit it all in." I have to remember to breathe and embroider and kiss my kid. If you know us in real life check if I am blue in the face occasionally and remind me that our life is good and our friends make it better.

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denise said...

What a week! We want chickens but are just a few feet off in this yard to have them. Next house. Hang in there.