Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Your Mama told you to never. . .

I didn't get pictures of everything but today Evie. . .

1) tasted soap. She wondered aloud what it would taste like so I told her to take a lick. "Spicy after awhile" was her comment.

2) split wood with a hatchet. With the wood-fired oven in the backyard we always need more wood split! Plus, she wants to keep up with the Alaska boys!

3) played with fire and matches. Lighting something on fire with a magnifying glass is a skill everyone should have.

Today we also made cool pictures using sunprint paper and we made a sunspot viewer out of things we had laying around. The last photo is the sun as seen on our screen. We need to make a way to darken things around it but still have the sun reach the target to see the spots better.

Friends for dinner tonight (having them over, not eating them). Discombobulated tomorrow, hopefully the heat will break too, we are all wilting.

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