Saturday, September 08, 2007

Happy Days

The weather has taken a turn for the cooler and we couldn't be happier! Thursday at our local park day we had a mermaid extravaganza, there have been lots of new faces and it is wonderful to see all the kiddos interact. On Thursday we were also extremely blessed to receive an entire rack of honey and comb from a friend who is a bee keeper. She also gave as an enormous bunch of basil for pesto. We cut the honey from the comb and strained it. We got almost 1/2 gallon! We have a container full of the comb and honey too, as we chew the wax and spit it out we are saving it to make candles!

Yesterday my mom and Evie went to the Nevin Fish Hatchery. When asked about it Evie said "It was SOOOOO cool! We saw lunkers and babies and them milking the eggs from the mom!" They even got to feed some fish which, apparently, is not a normal occurrence--it always pays to be a homeschooler in situations like that.

Last night Evie had her first log rolling inside, of course she loved it!

This weekend is so busy we had to write out a schedule almost to the minute! We are appearing at one of the local farmer's markets this morning to talk about our 100 mile eating adventure. We have an ice cream social in our neighborhood, we are having 20 people over for dinner (these are the lovely folks who helped us build our oven) and that is just today! Tomorrow we cheer for the Ironman Wisconsin participants!!!! We volunteered with a bunch of folks from log-rolling so it is sure to be a raucous time. Evie and Scott have speedskating and Scott has a work function. Work you say? More to come on that one!

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