Monday, September 10, 2007


This weekend, once again, demonstrated to me how much we (Scott, Evie and I) like being together. Saturday morning was spent talking about our local eating experiences with people we didn't know (our friends are well versed by now!) Saturday night we had a rip-roarin' party to say "thank you" to our friends who helped with the mud oven. We all agreed that hanging out together was a terrific way to spend an evening.

Sunday morning we got up early to try a restaurant Evie was interested in, none of us really liked it. Then we drove out to Wollersheim Winery to pick up grape seeds with which to experiment. Scott is really interested in the idea of artisan oils and Phillipe Coquard, the wonderful winemaker at Wollershim generously lets us come get seeds. As we thanked him profusely he said, "Have fun together!"


From 3:00 to close to 9:00 last night we cheered for the runners of the 2007 Ford Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon. These amazing athletes covered 140 miles in one day under their own power. The volunteer spirit was tremendous as we screamed our heads off and handed out liquids and food and picked up the endless garbage. Evie wore her stilts for over 3 hours as she handed out water and glowing necklaces after dark. She brought a lot of smiles and laughter to folks who were hurting after an extraordinary day. We worked, together, with friends from Evie's log rolling classes, it was a fantastic, amazing inspiring experience.

We spent the whole weekend as a family, together--our life is well lived!

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