Monday, September 10, 2007

New Beginnings

Lots of folks are starting homeschooling for the first time at this time of year. Maybe that means carrying on as usual but filing a form for the first time. Maybe that means your first year of having your kids home instead of at school. When I started this blog I meant for it to be a collection of the minutiae of our days. Literally, what we did, with few embellishments and little commentary. I wanted it to be a place where people could come to read what a real "day in the life" was like, every day.

I will continue to comment and embellish and call out, I will also try to make a list of "what we do" each day as a reference point for others. Some of you will think "Yikes! We do WAAAAY more than that!" Others will think "Whoa, they are crazy! They are so busy!" It is not about doing IT the "right" way or "one" way, it is about doing in YOUR way.

Here was our day:

Jen up at 4:00, exercise, fold laundry, rinse and grind field corn, make 3 dozen tortillas, clean kitchen, read novel
Scott up at 6:30 exercise, errands work
Evie up at 9:30

Evie and I ate breakfast, finished If You Lived In The Days Of The Knights , made a train with the living room furniture, played "Word by Word" (roll a di, write that many words of a story, pass the paper and di to the next person, repeat, laugh), read "Robin Hood" and "The Aristocats" from a Disney compilation, ate lunch, played with friends (Jen and Evie), Evie is reading The Moffats, Scott is cooking dinner, I am blogging, after dinner I suspect we will play a game or watch History Detectives. We will go to bed around 10:00 after reading more of The Twenty-One Balloons.

What did you do today?

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