Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Deep thoughts and hilarity

The day dawned bright and clear and cool, the perfect day for hiking! Evie woke up early and snuggled up with a book for a few hours while I worked on the computer, I attempted to finish Vanity Fair except it is a library copy and the last three minutes cannot be viewed because of an "unrecoverable error!" Damn!

Evie and I spent the day hiking at Devil's Lake State Park. It is our favorite hiking destination and we went on a trail we hadn't been on before. We saw all sorts of interesting things. Does anyone know what this is?

We were resting after lunch, Evie with her head in my lap. She looked up and said, "Mama, you know what I have been thinking about a lot?"
"I've been thinking about how fast the Earth spins and how we perceive that." "Mhmm," I said.
"You know how when you spin around really fast it looks like everything is moving fast too? Well, what if you spun so fast everything looked still, maybe then you would be spinning as fast as the Earth! Couldn't really do that of course."
Then she laid back down in my lap--interesting thoughts!

Later in the hike she was balancing on a rock and the wind (blowing fiercely) made her lose her balance and she toppled into the water. No real harm done, she was wet up to her knees. After the incident she said to me, "Your Tibia and Fibula are in your leg, right?"
"Yup, " I replied.
Then, looking ruefully at her wet shins Evie said, "Well, I guess mine are amfibulas!"
Like "amphibious", get it?! I thought it was so funny I almost fell over--that was a good one!

The late afternoon was spent in errands for me, playing with neighbors for Evie. I made a weird but yummy dinner, we will take a walk in the waning light and head up to bed for more reading.

A day well lived!


Eluciq said...

Amfibulas...ha:) ha:) Oh that Evie is such a kick in the pants...I love it!

As for the spinning...I love the thinking...I wish the boys' were around Evie more...it would be so much fun!


Eluciq said...

"Amfibulas"...I love it! Oh that Evie has such a great sense of humor.