Thursday, September 20, 2007

Do I Look Crazy?

So, it is, once again, applesauce season. The time of year when the kitchen has a constant sticky haze, the basement smells like hard cider and I am dead tired by the end of each day. I made 17 quarts this morning. Scott would love to have 100, I am hoping to make it to 50.

Evie's foot injury has proven to be more serious than previously thought, she is on crutches now, which, for her, is torture. She hasn't climbed a door jamb or played tag in 4 days. I am hoping is resolves quickly but those soft tissue injuries can really linger.

We celebrated the first day of autumn today, we switched wreaths on the front door, the bird feeder is back up. . . my favorite time of year!


Eluciq said...

OH...anyone that knows you Jenn...knows that you are so NOT LAZY...I can smell those apples from here.

As for Evie...the boys' were sad for her...but thought the crutches looked, huh?

Happy FALL!

tiff :)

Eluciq said...

giggle...giggle...giggle..giggle..geesh--I read it as LAZY...not CRAZY! I am most definitely CRAZY...and well I would have to say you are a wee bit crazy...really 50 jars???

I am still giggling...thank goodness it is FRIDAY!!! And you are still NOT LAZY for those that read your entry that way!