Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Part 2

What? Two posts in one day? Yup, sometimes it happens. The Big Bang project was fun. We had made some swirly paint art yesterday and Evie said it reminded her of the Big Bang. We went back to one of our favorite books, Born With a Bang, and read the scientist's notes at the back for the first time. WE have also been making our way through The Stunning Science Of Everything (a serious "must-have," wicked funny and interesting). Evie came up with the idea of making helium and hydrogen atoms so we colored some marshmallows to be protons, neutrons and electrons and got to work creating our version of the first fractions of a second after the Big Bang happened. I asked Evie why she thought it was important to think about. She exclaimed, "I like to think about where I came from!"

We watched a ton of PBS kids, Evie played games from Cyberchase online and I made dinner.

Now we are making apple pie and plan to play Barbies next. The day will end with reading of course!

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Eluciq said...

Marvelous...how awesome for the Big Bang to happen right in your living room...giggle:)

Side Note...I wish we were closer...I am a wee bit overwhelmed with this homeschoolin' thing...I think because the boys' have been in public school they have been trained...and well being a public school teacher...I have been trained...We are trying to get over it! YIKES!