Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yup, I do!

Definitely crazy! I did another 31 quarts of applesauce yesterday bringing our total to 48--I am done for the year (at least with applesauce)!

Evie and I tried making soap yesterday. We didn't look for rebatching instructions before we started so it didn't work but we had fun and made a glob of delicious smelling stuff that I used in the bath last night with good results. Rebatching isn't hard, it turns out, be we were tired and wanted to watch Robin Hood --so we did.

Evie's foot is MUCH better thanks to a little prescription of a good friend. Evie and friend spent 5 1/2 hours happily passing the time together, occasionally checking in with me so that I could watch their latest performance (Evie taught E to waltz!) or to feed them. The topic of friendships (neighborhood and otherwise) is a one for another post--I have to type it here to remind myself!

We are having another rip-roaring pizza party tonight out of the mud oven--maybe some photos tomorrow!

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denise said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

We got our apples today. I have a manual peeler for the boys to help too (since I'm sure we will use it again) but I haven't dipped my toe into starting yet, as I am a bit intimidated by the chaos which is sure to ensue with a 4 yo & a 2 yo.

I am more inspired, though, although also a bit scared! Ha ha ha...