Friday, September 14, 2007

New stuff

The last two days have been perfect fall days and we have spent both days outside playing with friends. On Wednesday we visited a skate park for the first time, Evie tried the ramps and half pipe, she LOVED it and now has a colossal bruise on her backside from a particularly bad tumble.

4H started yesterday with our planning meeting. The year looks to be filled with all sorts of good things! It is great to connect with folks we don't see through other homeschooling venues, it is a very vibrant group.

When I came back from my morning walk yesterday I heard the strangest cries--look who were huddled on our driveway!

We took them across the street to some trees where their mama hopefully heard and found them. I asked Scott if he was sure we didn't want two baby raccoons as pets--he wasn't sure at all. Evie immediately wrote a story about them in which their names were Rachel and Amy--we hope you guys are okay!

We will be exhibitors at the Food for Thought Festival this weekend, come by and see us if you are nearby!

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denise said...


4H sounds like an adventure - we hope to get involved in that perhaps as the boys get older.

Good luck this weekend!