Sunday, July 01, 2007


Today Rick signed up to run the Iditarod . 1150 miles of cold, snow and ice over 14 days. It is an amazing feat of animal and human cooperation. Rick has been racing for awhile and this will be his first Iditarod. We got to go with the whole family to the race headquarters in Wasilla, AK for the sign up. I found it very emotional, I can't quite imagine how Rick and Tiff and the boys were feeling--eight months of HARD work lay ahead. Rick has been involved in the education and broadcasting angles of the Iditarod before, I can't believe how this race captures people's hearts. The entrance fee is HUGE not to mention all the money and supplies needed to train and race. Rick and Tiff will have their own race website up soon and I hope to get a bunch of people to sponsor Rick with money or supplies. Needless to day, we will be watching and listening to podcasts and media reports avidly this year. Stay tuned for Iditarod mania and accompanying links to be seen soon!

We also went letterboxing today. It was incredibly buggy but beautiful. It was the first time for Tiff and the boys, I hope we hooked them!

Last night the kids put on a circus that had us laughing so hard we were crying. What a terrific bunch of people we are with, I have not felt so "on the same page" with a family, well, ever!

I think I get to dig more postholes today (I say that with true glee, no sarcasm). It is raining so we may get to hook up the dogs too. The kids want to do origami so it should be an eclectic day!

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