Saturday, June 30, 2007

All good

We are having a blast! We painted dog houses, went swimming, did art projects, ran, read and talked and talked and talked! Yesterday we went hiking at Hatcher's Pass. There were lots of rocks to climb along the way and beautiful flowers. The vertical gain was substantial enough to give us a "take your breath away" view from the top--then again, almost everything here takes your breath away with the sheer majesty of our earth.

I can't possible write about everything but we have met some interesting people and learned a ton. Rick will be running the Iditarod this spring and I hope to have link sto his race blog added here soon. The dog are amazing, the sport is amazing. We are going along to the picnic for him to sign up today.

Following are some pictures . . . I have lots more to say but for now I am too busy just living!

Tiff, Rick, Rohnan and Keegan are our hosts, Scott and Rick have been friends since they were 9, we haven't been to Alaska to visit since Tiff and I were both pregnant.

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