Monday, July 02, 2007


I have never been much of a dog person. I like dogs but I wouldn't want to live with one in my house and I usually find them rather lacking in direction. I love Rick and Tiff's sled dogs. They are Alaskan mutts who love to run and will do ANYTHING to have the opportunity to do so. They are not pets, they have a job to do. It is amazing to watch Rick interact with them. Yesterday we got to help hook up 8 dogs and take a short ride behind their 4-wheeler. The dogs overheat quickly so we had to wait until it was rainy and cool. Scott and I got to get dogs from the lot and hook them to the gangline and then we were off! I thought Evie was going to explode with excitement.

I think I like the dogs because they are impatient, hard-working and often single-minded-- a lot like me!

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