Thursday, June 07, 2007

Vampire Bait

It was a dark and gloomy morning on Monday and the first thing Evie said was, "I wish we could keep the lights off, light a candle and find a mystery!" So, we lit a candle and walked around the house looking for mysterious things. In the basement we discovered a secret wall that hid the vampires from our view. We were both so caught up in it all it seemed very real. Evie decided we should lure a vampire out in the daytime by saying that we were going to make pumpkin pie (a vampire favorite, I guess) but really making cherry which would freeze them where they stood after one bite. So, we made a cherry pie. Then Evie decided to mark where in the world vampires live. She took a big world map and proceeded to color green on the the "no vampire" areas and purple on the "yes vampire" areas. Then she said, "Now we have to make a key for the map! It is called a key because it unlocks the symbols on the map!" Well said! I have been eating the cherry pie . . . no vampires yet.

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Stephanie said...

How fabulous!
Isn't life Grand?