Monday, June 11, 2007


We are nine days from summer here and life is lovely. The asparagus has passed and we are in the full swing of strawberry season! We went picking yesterday and we are having a strawberry party tomorrow and picking more.

Our porch is finally done! Hurrah! We have broken ground for our wood-fired bread oven! I love projects that involve a lot of "grunt" work so this one is perfect for me!

Evie is off to cicus camp next week, in two weeks we head to Alaska to see friends who have just decided to homeschool! Hurrah! They live the ideal life and have the ideal character and souls for a rich life without school so we wish them lots of excitment!

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Bethany said...

Tell us more about your oven! Will it be brick or earthen or something else? We have an earthen oven in our yard and are always interested in seeing other people's wood-fired ovens.