Thursday, March 29, 2007

EEEEEEEE! (squeal of excitement)

I am sure you all remember my delight in this fabric. Well, imagine my exclamation of glee when I came across this lovely stuff at our thrift shop yesterday. I was by myself and there were few people in the shop so upon seeing Holly Hobbie's lovely visage I danced a little jig! It looks like this was curtains. There is already a ruffle! I feel a new skirt coming on!

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Nana said...

When my daughter Tiffany was little she picked out Holly Hobby wallpaper and must have collected every Holly and friend she could find. I am not sure if she still has them or not as when we moved to the Seattle area she gave away all her Barbies to her best friend (without her Mother's knowledge but Tiff will give her shirt off if someone needed it) as a gift of love. Yes, Tiff is my daughter from the Holt Clan!!