Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Do you remember those early days of motherhood when you constantly had a baby on you? I remember months when Evie never left the sling. Before I knew it she was toddling off on her own. Eventually they reach the stage when you no longer have any idea when they go to the bathroom because it is no longer accompanied by a "Mama, I have to go (fill in the blank)." Next you reach the phase when your kiddo will say something, a turn of phrase, or recite a fact you know you never said. They casually announce, "oh, its from some book I read." Yesterday we reached a new milstone. Actually, I think the milestone was reached some time ago but we had our first real proof yesterday. Evie is a much, much, much better skater than I am and I literally could not keep up with my seven year old on a rollerblade excursion around the bay near our home. Evie whizzed past some men chatting on a bench, they waved, she waved, I passed a few moments later, one yelled "good morning! How'ya doin?" "Not as good as her!" I yelled back trying not fall as I turned my head. They nearly fell off the bench laughing.

I wonder what is next!

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