Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Something different

Some time ago I got a book out of the library about crazy quilting. It was supposed to be my winter project but that never happened! My first square is almost done (it needs to be trimmed). I like the technique, if only I can find enough time.

Evie was a bit under the weather today so we played games , Pretty Pretty Princess
(major blast from Evie's 3 year old past),Caves and Claws andColor Sudoku Puzzle (addictive!). We read about Abigail Adams (again), I went grocery shopping, she watched her latest Barbie movie, we made cupcakes for a party tomorrow, she wrote thank you notes, now she is playing with friends.

A day well lived! It is SPRING!!!!

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whimsigal said...

I have been enjoying reading your blog! As a new blogging unschooling mom I have been combing the web for other bloggers. It was fun to come across yours and read all about your daughter, Evie, as that is my name, too!! Her birthday party looks like it was tons of fun and it provided inspiration to me for my boys' birthdays. Love your blog!