Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oy vey!

So, last week Scott was in a minor fender-bender. The car drove perfectly during our bitter cold weekend. On Monday we were supposed to take the car to the auto body shop for repair. It wouldn't start. Eventually we had it towed to the body shop. We got a loaner car. Loaner car #1 REEKED of cigarette smoke. I traded it for another one. While this is all happening it is snowing like crazy--our snow shovel broke. Evie and I walked up to the hardware store for a new one and then shoveled a few walks on our way home (surreptitious shoveling is always fun). Then we get a phone call from the body shop saying they can't fix the car until it starts because they can't move it around their facility--oh and by the way, they want their loaner car back. So, we rent a car (car #4 in three days). Our oven also mysteriously went crazy and I discovered a huge puddle of water in our under-sink cabinet because the plumber's putty that seals the drain had corroded and wasn't sealing anymore!!!

In our house Scott fixes electrical, I fix plumbing so it was off to the hardware store again. I think Monday and Tuesday should definitely be "do-over" days.

Today Evie and I went skiing, it is Valentine's Day, everything is getting back to normal.


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Eluciq said...

Oh Jen...I feel for you! All this usually happens when Rick is traveling...giggle:) You are tough...we should have had you come out and do our plumbing...and we definitely could use an inconspicuous snow shoveler or plow for the driveway...hee:)
Here's to more skiing, reading, iceskating, snuggles and more family time!