Thursday, February 15, 2007

To remember

Every once in awhile I think about what we are doing as a family living without school. I wonder how Evie would "measure up" to schooled peers, then I wonder why I wonder. I worry "what if she doesn't know X." Then I chastise myself and say "she will learn X when she wants/needs it." There have been two examples of "WOW! in the last few days and I wanted to record them here for posterity.

Evie loves to make a wish when all the numbers on a clock are the same (i.e. 4:44). Lately she has been using digital and analog clocks and doing amazing math: (at 11:40) "Mama, in 32 minutes it will be 12:12!" "Mama, in 16 minutes it will be 4:30." Mama, I can't wait until it is 7:06" Me: "Why?" Evie: "Then it will be 6:66! 9:28 will be 8:88! You can't get that any other way!" Then she adds or multiplies the minutes on a digital clock to make a new"wishing" time. at 4:22, "Mama, it is 4:4 in multiplying land because 2x2=4!" At 3:09: "Mama, it is 3:33 in "multiplying land 'cuz 3x3=9!" Wow!

We were watching a Carmen Sandiego the other day and they were traveling from Holland to Egypt. Evie looked at the route they used in the program and said "I would have just gone down through Spain and into Algeria."

It is all amazing to me. She lives in the real world and learns about the real world and stores and can access knowledge. We don't do math drills, she has no assignments, and she fills her days with meaningful, purposeful, delightful play. Wow! That is really all I can say, wow.

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