Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weekend Stuff

The PBS cooking show line up had us all riveted yesterday afternoon. Scott and Evie baked and decorated a remarkable cake from the current issue of Cook's Illustrated. They made lemon curd and 7 minute cooked icing.

We went cross country skiing in the morning and saw a bald eagle and a red tailed hawk. We live in the middle of the city and can walk to our state capitol building in ten minutes. It is remarkable that we can have our wilderness and our amenities so close at hand.

We cleaned the house, took a long walk and checked the ice condition at a rink near our house (not great, not terrible).

I got the entire second season of the Wonder Woman TV series from the library, we started in on them last night.

I sometimes wonder and worry if I am doing what I am "supposed" to be doing for my daughter. She isn't in school, we don't use a curriculum at home, I don't "make" her do anything specific around topics or skills. When I start to panic I ask myself if changing our ways would feel right. The answer is always "no." Evie is remarkable. Just like she figured out how to sit and walk and talk, she is figuring her way through the world. I didn't teach her to read or tell time or do arithmetic, she figured them out because she wanted to use them for something. I didn't teach her to be compassionate or do cartwheels or laugh at puns. I just get to watch it all and be a part of it all--I am definitely the lucky one!

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