Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oh Fudge!

We made fudge today, I have never made it before, it is not really that tasty, just kind of sweet. I like the idea of fudge, but that's mostly because I loved reading about making fudge in the Betsy-Tacy Books.

We pretended to be early hominids today, made stone tools on the bed (we had alrady made them out of sculpey), collected some berries and scavenged meat from some jackals.

We told a few hilarious stories with our Little Women paper dolls and the Barbies had an archaeological adventure that involved caves, sky diving and Wonder Woman.

We took a glorious walk in our 40 degree weather and observed some amazing ice patterns and formations.

I almost finished Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers and it has really validated some of the uncomfortable feelings I have had lately about Evie and her neighborhood friends. I realized that I have to follow those "mother bear" instincts and I also have to admit (and get over) my own discomfort at having people in our house, being in conflict with people and seeking approval from my own peers. It has been an empowering read and it has validated my heart answers and given me courage to keep going on this path. Today Evie chose to stay home and play with me instead of seeking friends. It was not an uncommon decision but one that really made my heart happy today in light of my reading.

This evening will involve Nancy Drew Mad Libs (oh so funny) and reading Nancy drew #56, The Thirteenth Pearl.

A day well lived!

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