Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It works!

Evie and I made a sundial today. It works! We used our analog watch to mark our sundial every ten minutes. After 40 minutes Evie measure the 10 minute increments, added two more increments of 10 to make a complete hour. Then she measured the hour and marked hours all around our plate. Our sundial had 14 hours--interesting! Was it the amount of sunlight we have right now? Tilt of the earth? Wacko measuring? Evie was delighted to see our line move. I was too!

Evie played with neighbors, I made a timeline for our living room wall. I started back at 5000 BC, we will fill it in as we encounter dates. We started with the dates we encountered in our time/clock book.

We watched a fabulous NOVA about a mystery mummy.

A day well lived!

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