Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Things I love . . .

These are some things that you might not know that I love. . .

Aprons Especially this one which my sweet huband got me for Christmas--I wear it everyday.

Barbie movies I know, it was a shock to me too. Many of them are re-tellings of common fairy tales, all with a great "girl power" twist. A few are original stories. Ballet choreography is usually done by Peter Martins of the New York City Ballet (does anyone remember him from here?), some of the best orchestras in the world perform the scores. They are wonderful--really. My favorites are this one and this one. Scott cries at every Barbie movie, I admit I often do too.

Ghirardelli :: 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chips
Enough said.

Vacuuming I love my vacuum.

The Legends of King Arthur Every book published, every movie, every cartoon, I never get tired of examining and imagining the stories.

TV I don't really like watching sports (the Olympics are the exception) but anything else is probably fair game. I particularly like the Food Network, public television and entertainment news programs.

People Magazine Thanks to my fabulous parents I have been a subscriber for years. You would be amazed at how much one can learn between People Magazine and TV combined!

Libraries They make me feel rich.

I could go on and on. Upon first encountering our family you would probably find out that we are left-leaning, unschooling, organic food eating, egg-heads. Betcha wouldn't have guessed that the above are also true!

Express your WHOLE selves!

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