Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Evie woke up this morning at 6:15. She usually sleeps until 8:30. She hasn't slept past 6:30 in a week and a half. Why? She is filled with glee! Last night she wrote St. Nicholas a note (in "fancy writing" of course) telling him all the secret things we planned to do today in his name. As she tumbled down the stairs, sleepily with Scott this morning I am not sure she was full of much glee. Then I asked her if St. Nicholas had come. Her face burst open with joy as she discovered the long dress gloves he had left her, the books and oranges and pieces of chocolate gold.

Scott and Evie had shaped the St. Nicholas bread last night and they quickly go to work decorating and baking it so we could have it for breakfast. Evie and I took the second loaf over to a neighbor with an in-home daycare. They were just about to do a St. Nicholas play so it was perfect timing. We baked muffins for many people today, our sneakiest muffin delivery was to be to an elderly neighbor. She is 92 years old and when we went to drop them on her doorstep she was out in her driveway chipping ice! Evie hid behind a tree and we ran giggling home. I am sure she saw us. LOL! We then enlisted the help of our letter carrier who secretly delivered the muffins with the mail. I thought Evie would burst with glee when the secret task was accomplished.

Out of the blue Evie asked me to teach her to make origami peace cranes. She caught on quickly and we proceeded to look in a book for more designs. We both learned how to make a cool box/candleholder thing. Then we read Helen Keller: Tragedy to Triumph. Evie was practically jumping out of her skin with excitement and everytime Helen did something new she would grab my arm and squeal. I remember being just as captivated the first time I read the story of Helen Keller.

Scott and Evie just left for speed skating. Scott joined the club and they went out the door together chattering about "speed drills" and "crossovers." It is fun to see Scott bubble over when he talks about skating with Evie.

Someone recently emailed me to ask what we all look like--well okay, mostly me and Scott, I think you all see Evie frequently! Thus, my final picture today.

It has been a glee filled day!

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