Monday, October 23, 2006

Today It Was a Monday

Evie woke up late-ish, we ate breakfast and then went downtown to see a play called The Snow Dragon. It was fine, very conformist/moralist but with a good heart and charmingly acted. We came home for a quick lunch and some more staging of the 12 dancing princesses with the Barbies then off to a friend's house. I helped the 11 year old with his Halloween costume, it was so fun! The girls had a hard time getting started but after a few books and some wrestling with me everyone settled in. We also did Fannee Dooleys and origami and paper airplanes and drank hot chocolate. Evie and I then went to Target to get her some headbands, then to the library where she found 8 Nancy Drews she hasn't read! I also found season one (including the pilot) of Inspector Gadget. Off to gymnastics (a few homework dramas but nothing like a few days ago) then home to chores and some "Inspector Gadget" watching. We all laughed and laughed and Evie said, "Boy, without Penny, Inspector Gadget would be dead!" Let's hear it for clever little girls!

I think I am going to go back to just recounting our days for awhile, less philosophy and opinion, more lists. These are days well lived!

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