Sunday, October 22, 2006

Remember the "neuralizer"?

Remember in Men in Black and again in The Incredibles that little device that looked like an opthamologist's exam light but really worked to erase the brains of people who were not supposed to know something? Well, I would like to invent a device that, with a single pulse of light, would download all of the following info into people's brains (they would believe it and internalize it and act on it, not just know of it). Realistically [sic] it would happen when they first discover they are to be parents, ideally it would happen at birth . This is not an exhaustive list. I am creating this list because I am so tired of trying to explain why I think kids shouldn't go to school. I really do think that. I think dancing schools, car racing schools, colleges, cooking schools and trapeze school are all great and useful places. I am sad that compulsory school, even when it involves caring parents and inspiring teacher figures is seen as THE way to spend a childhood in our culture.

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For whatever reason my heart is tender these days. I am feeling extra protective of my family members and our way of life. I wish WE were the status quo.

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