Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today is Tuesday

Woke up, the laptop was on the fritz, couldn't watch "Friends" while running; used Stairmaster instead. Watched Oprah taped from yesterday about moms around the world. Woke Evie up to go get the car fixed, played at car dealership for two hours. Raked leaves, attempted errands, did them inelegantly. Went swimming. Bought permanent craft pumpkins to carve because every year Evie cries when her pumpkin rots. Read more Steven Johnson (more about that another day)--excited about the ideas of emergence and complexity.

Evie wrote a play entitled "The Evil Spring of Doom" I was the main character (the evil spring), Scott aslo played a role, Evie was the audience (because "I am always the writer, I never get to be the audience"). It was very short.

It is late, we will be watching Dancing with the Stars.

It is virtually the end of the day.

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