Saturday, September 16, 2006


As if in answer to my doubts the following things have happened in the last few days:
1) Evie has had a tough time falling asleep three days this week. This is HIGHLY unusual. I realized it was days that I had tried to schedule/control i.e "let's do cursive now, let's do math."
2) Last night we were playing Cranium and Evie ingeniously acted out "Evolution." Scott guessed it right away.
3) In the same Cranium game I had to sketch "latitude" with my eyes closed. I drew (sort of) a globe with continents and lines of latitude. My drawing was rather dreadful (remember, my eyes were closed!) and Scott was stumped. Then Evie says, "Oh, its like with Zach and Ivy (from Carmen Sandiego) what is that called? Oh! Latitude and longitude, you're drawing latitude!"

Yes, I should just be letting life happen. You would think I would get that by now.

Still trying . . .

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