Monday, September 18, 2006

Favorite Day of the Year

My favorite day of the year is the Fall Equinox. I love the change in weather, I love the industriousness of the season, I like that it gets dark earlier and I like that it is Evie's half-birthday. This weekend we celebrated the equinox (a little early) with the same group of friends we have celebrated with since Evie was born. We had our first apple pie of the year, our first cider, we saw our first colored leaves. We are still sleeping with the windows wide open but now we are under our comforters. Our bird feeder is back up and there are squabbles and dances at the feeder all day. It is time to harvest our onions and potatoes for winter. It is time for us to take our annual trip East to visit the apple farm where Scott grew up.

I only have one cleaning job in the next two and a half weeks! I am free to play and work and do my own things. For the first time in awhile, I am optimistic. I am going to need it. Several family members have some critical health issues and events in the next week. I am glad I have some extra energy to distribute. I have been amiss in my attempts to mold our life into something that looks familiar to the status quo. My lame attempts at "insisting" on "academics" has not been leading us in the direction of joy. I am still freaked out that I might be damaging Evie's future. I only want to do whatever she needs, to be whomever she wants to be. Right now, I think making her happy is the best path.

I am gratefully anticipating the equinox this week, my favorite day of the year!

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