Thursday, September 14, 2006

Looking for an "out"

So, I am planning to win the lottery next week! I have played the lottery maybe 4 times ever. I am planning to win the lottery because I HATE working on Fridays. I am finding myself dreading Friday all week to such an extent that I can't enjoy any other days. Evie is getting gypped. I LOVE that Evie gets to spend Fridays with my parents and I like having the money. There is no other job where I can make so much money in so little time with such a minimum commitment. I am just sick and tired of cleaning rich people's filthy, hairy houses!!!! YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!

We have been consumed with Dancing with the Stars. Scott and Evie are quite the dancers! Evie has gymnastics twice a week now and yesterday she was teary about going. She doesn't know anyone in her class and the teacher jokes and teases in a way Evie is not crazy about. She ended up deciding to go and said she loved it. On Mondays her class is all boys and she doesn't like that. We will see what she decides this next week. She is WAY ahead of everyone else in her class and I am not sure she will learn anything new but she says she is having fun and wants to stay in this class. She opted out of the competitive track 2 years ago and is still trying to figure out how she wants to have gymnastics in her life. She is very physically talented. I just want her to be happy.

Grocery shopping took three hours yesterday because we went to Farmer's Market, the Co-op and a large grocery store. I am just crabby--blah!

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