Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Here is what we did today:

1) Finished Trixie Belden and the Red Trailer Mystery
2) Played Barbie for 4 hours. The women of Paradise Island (click here for background) were in Mazatlan helping baby sea turtles get to the ocean without being eaten by birds. According to Evie "Ordinarily they (the Barbies) would just 'let nature take its course' as far as the survival of the turtles, but with habitat encroachment the birds no longer have natural predators and so there are too many of them so too many baby turtles are getting eaten." Right-o then!
3) Read a MindWare catalog which made Evie say "I want to invent something!" She strung together about 30 rubber bands and tied a sock on the end. We strung it up on the trapeze hook above our bed and then she stuck numbers all over the walls and ceiling and then the object of the game was to stretch the rubber bands back into the next room (about 20 feet) and then let go and try to score points by hitting the paper numbers. It was very fun. She named the game "Spring and Hit" and it you didn't hit a number you yelled "Flubberdoof!"
4) Built with blocks
5) Played "Runaway Princesses." We ran away to find food for the 40 starving castle inhabitants who were "too dumb to even bake bread!"

I would like to note that I had wanted to go to the geology museum or the library or even the neighbor's trampoline. Evie wanted to stay in her pajamas all day and stay home. I decided that her desires were more important than mine today so that is what we did. I finally decided to go running at about 5:00. Evie said she would like to go see if friends could play if they were home from school yet. I said they had been home for a few hours. "A few hours!?!" Evie said, "Wow, what a full day we've had!"

I couldn't have said it better myself!

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