Thursday, February 02, 2006


I have been thinking a lot today. I have been thinking that I wish I had a lot more time to write this blog! I have been thinking about how much conversation helps me crystallize my own opinions.

We went to a performance of the UW varsity band this morning. Scott came with us which was a rare treat. It was loud, raucous and great fun. We all danced and clapped and cheered. Then we went out to lunch. After lunch Evie and I hid some presents and a clue in the mail box of some friends. Evie found the perfect gifts for two friends and wanted to send them on a little hunt to find them. I told the mom so she wouldn't think some weirdo was stalking her family but the kids still only know it was their "fun friends!"

We played a lot of Barbies today. Evie bought two new ones at a secondhand store yesterday. One has bright red hair and is now the Oracle in our ever evolving Barbie world. Evie's Barbies basically play out various stories regarding Wonder Woman, Queen Hippolyta (WW's mother), the Oracle (an all seeing Amazonian) and many other inhabitants of Paradise Island. Today Wonder Woman telepathically communicated with a vicious shark-turtle that had been eating humans. Turns out the humans were destroying its habitat and therefore the babies had no place to grow. The women of Paradise Island created a robotic shark-turtle that was voiced via a giant microphone by a Paradise Island resident. The robot was rocketed off Paradise Island to the Sea of Okhtosk. The robotic shark-turle told its tale and the habitat wreckers were stopped. I love the "give and take" nature of our Barbie play. We really build off each other's ideas and I always have fun hearing where the storylines end up. My favorite part of the day yesterday was when we got home from the secondhand store and Evie went tearing into the house yelling "I can't wait to see what my two new Barbie's do in our house!!"

We will be watching more ballroom dancing tonight and eating pizza.

A day well lived!

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