Thursday, June 29, 2006

What? It's Thursday?

Where did this week go! Park day was irreverant and provocative and fun as always. Evie said "If only X and Y (friends) had been there it would have been the perfect park day" (all other necessary friends were present). We took a cab ride this afternoon to pick up our car after service, Evie loves cab rides. We found out our dear, across-the-street neighbors finally purchased a house in St. Paul and will in fact be moving in a month--I am so upset by this I can't even really express it. Their son has been like a brother to Evie and they are a wonderful, constant presence in our lives. They will be sorely, sorely missed.

I discovered crazy quilting and am going a little nuts. I found the prefect table and chairs for our new screen porch at a yard sale, $70 for the whole lot and I may get a free old fashioned, wooden wheelchair thrown in to boot. Evie had two friends sleep over last night, they made a pirate ship our of beds and sheets upstairs, stayed up well after I did and had a grand good time. They woke up giggly and giddy this morning.

These are my random thoughts as I drink my Moose Drool beer and think about our interesting an currently expensive life! We received our porch supplies today, construction begins tomorrow. Scott had to buy his meds this week, we have taxes and health insurance and life insurance premiums all coming up. Why isn't there a grant out there for "good guys" people trying to do right by their families, their communities and the earth? Good think I work tomorrow!

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!

A day well lived!

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