Monday, July 03, 2006


Scott and my dad framed up our screen porch on Friday. Then a friend came over (he's a carpenter) and said there was a problem with snow load. They re-did it on Sunday and tomorrow the roof is supposed to go on. Scott has LOATHED this project from the beginning so hopefully he will be able to enjoy it when it is all done. He will be out of town this weekend so maybe Evie and I wil get all the painting done while he is away.

I am taking care of two of Evie's friends for a few hours a week for the month of July. We picked cherries off our tree this morning, I pitted them and they are now upstairs playing "school." I wonder what that looks like with Evie involved!

I have been sick--blech--and kind of weepy as I try to get used to Evie doing her own things more often now. What am I supposed to do? Is my house supposed to be spotless? Should I create another home-based business? Am I supposed to become a crafting genius? Saturday brought friends over and they all wanted to make these adorable WeeWonderfuls Bunnies I worked with four girls, ages 6-9, with VERY different dexterity abilities for 5 hours. They all wanted to sleep over at our house that night and after initially saying "yes" I had to rescind my offer. I was beat! I will try to get a picture of all their handiwork uploaded. They have been making accessories and habitats for their new friends ever since.

I want to go an a cultural exchange with this group: Louise Harber / Foreign Language Study Abroad Service (FLSAS) What a way for Evie and I to learn Spanish! It would be aweseom if Scott could come too but it is unlikely.

I hate having to worry about money all the time.

Thus ends my random musings of the moment!

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