Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today . . .

Today Evie was leaving to find friends when she shrieked, "Mom, there is a Common Grackle stealing eggs from the House Sparrows!" I flew outside just as the egg dropped from its clutches and smashed to the ground. It broke. Tears welled up in both our eyes and Evie said "Nature can be so cruel!" She said we should put the oozing egg back in the house sparrow nest so the mama would know what happened. I too want to know exactly what happened when my baby gets hurt. A few days ago, at the beach, Evie's friend askedto borrow her snorkle. Evie acquiesed with the admonishment to "please keep track of it" after a near flipper disappearance a few days prior. The friend lost the snorkle. Evie cried. They looked and looked but the murky lake had swallowed it up. The friend very maturally offered to replace it . . . I don't think that will actually happen. Another friend wore one of Evie's favorite dresses swimming. Evie has decided that she still wants to be "generous with her things" but that her things are not to leave our house. A rough lesson for a six year old.

Today we went to Borders and bought a few books. Evie bought three and already plowed through two of them before 1:00 this afternoon. I cruised the magazine section looking for ideas on publications that might accept submissions from me--not sure what I might write about, but something!

So far, it has been a nice, quiet, day well lived!

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