Monday, June 19, 2006

I want . . .

I want a lot of things for my kid. I NEED her to feel safe, happy and loved.

Today these are some of the things I wanted for my kid:

Mapping the World By Heart
Hungry Planet
A pop-up camper
An Ice Age Trail Atlas
A Galapagos Island Trip
A steamer trunk

We went to tennis, she worked hard. We read Nancy Drew, she ran off to play with friends (she called to tell me they were playing "fashion model"--her sashay is neighborhood legend). I made her a new dress out of some scraps, it is kind of weird looking but maybe she will like it. I will post a photo later.

She saw a bone on our ride home from tennis and wants to take Scott back to look at it with her. We ate Nutella on cinnamon graham crackers. We DID NOT go swimming! Shock of shocks!

A day well lived!

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